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Repairs of ACCROPODE™ CORELOC™ Xbloc® breakwaters


With more than one million TETRAPODE, ACCROPODE ™, ACCROPODE ™ II, CORELOC ™, ECOPODE ™ and X-bloc® blocks installed, repaired and evaluated, CLAS inspectors have acquired an exclusive knowledge of block mechanics in real conditions at sea. This exclusive experience allows us to implement repair techniques with disassembly and without dismantling depending on the nature of the damage or non-conformities to repair. Our repair methods were implemented and validated on all the sites where we intervened in construction assistance. We do not see the difference between properly constructed areas and areas repaired by us on structures under construction.


ACCROPODE™II  , ACCROPODE  , ACCROPODE assistance pose expertise ACCROPODE certification


In the case of major repairs on old and highly degraded works, we make a complete diagnosis of the work to determine the causes of deterioration and recommend repairs in coordination with the designer of your choice if the old design is not suitable at current sea conditions.


ACCROPODE™II  , ACCROPODE  , ACCROPODE assistance pose expertise ACCROPODE certification

We work with the designer to ensure that his recommendations are fully compatible with the reality of the implementation of ACCROPODE ™, TETRAPODE, ACCROPODE ™ II, CORELOC ™, ECOPODE ™ and X-bloc ® blocks. On many projects the designer was not informed of these constraints because the license agreement that provides the TID is signed only after the design and with the company responsible for building. CLAS helps designers in the study phase and assists companies in the repair phase.

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