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Evaluation of the placing tools

The companies marketing these tools are not specialists in the use of TETRAPODE, ACCROPODE ™, ACCROPODE ™ II, ECOPODE ™, CORELOC ™ or X-bloc® blocks. Their interest is to put forward real or supposed qualities of the tools they wish to sell you. It is not in the interest of these companies to look for the real limits of these tools and the difficulties of their implementation.

ACCROPODE™II  , ACCROPODE  , ACCROPODE assistance pose expertise ACCROPODE certification


The CLAS inspectors intervened on construction sites using the POSIBLOC ™ tools marketed by MESURIS, ECHOSCOPE ® marketed by CODA OCTOPUS and the DIDSON acoustic camera marketed by SOUNDMETRICS and other multibeam sonars supposed to allow the construction to be approved without going to check it construction by human means.

The evaluation of these tools, by comparison between the visual they produce and the diagnosis established by our inspectors, led us to prefer to continue using human resources for the approval of the shell on the projects. We do not refuse the implementation of tools that could improve safety and quality of work, but we do a systematic assessment of their real capabilities.

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