Class C

Work whose durability is not guaranteed due to an unknown part of the quality of construction.
Approval given on the basis of the surveys submitted by the contractor and a follow-up without CLAS accredited diving inspectors.

In this image the as-built documents prepared by the contractor reported a perfect pose. In fact the armour was laid in the second layer directly on a first carapace damaged by a storm whose ACCROPODE II blocks are mixed with the riprap of the underlayer.

Block totally out of profile not detected by the tools of installation and inspection on DAS ISLAND. This pose was approved based on ECHOSCOPE survey witch not allows to see out of profiles. We supervised as a third part the repair of 5000 meters of X-bloc ® armour.


CLASS C it is also works that is known they are poorly built and will suffer damages.


Blocks placed on fine material. Non-respect of the design, non-respect of the specifications.

The TETRAPODE, ACCROPODE , ACCROPODE II, ECOPODE, CORELOC and X-bloc ® Class B armours can become Class C armours due to lack of monitoring and maintenance.

This is the case of this  ACCROPODE armour:

But it is rather the lack of care during the construction, the non-respect of the design and the TID which lead to the classification of a carapace in CLASS C.

Breakwater built in total ignorance of the most basic construction rules. This armour is totally unstable

TETRAPODE, ACCROPODE , ACCROPODE II, ECOPODE , CORELOC and X-bloc ® CLASS C armours need to be rebuilt.


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