Class A

Work with service life in line with design goals or more. These are zero-risk structures built as part of the certification that we apply either at CLI's request for the TETRAPODE, ACCROPODE, ACCROPODEII, ECOPODE, CORELOC or DMC blocks for the X-bloc ®, or at the request of the client or contractors. CLAS regularly acts as third part.

Complete follow-up of the construction of the underlay and its flat berm, by a CLAS accredited diving inspector.

Underlayer inspection for CORELOC on the BARAKAH NUCLEAR POWER PLANT project.


Complete follow-up of the armour construction.

All our inspectors are IMCA and HSE approved professional divers. As such they can go to all sites without exception including offshore installations and really control the reality of work done.

Monitoring the construction of the CORELOC armour of the breakwaters protecting the ABU DHABI NUCLEAR POWER PLANT


Supervision de la construction de la carapace XBLOC ® protégeant les installations pétrolières de ZAKUM ISLAND à ABU DHABI

CLAS inspectors also operate outside the water and all have a drone for real-time construction monitoring. Here on the ACCROPODE II shell of KUANTAN in Malaysia.

Based on the reports of TECHNOLOGY COMPLIANCE prepared by the CLAS inspectors, the ACCROPODE , ACCROPODE II, ECOPODE, CORELOC and X-bloc ® armour can be unreservedly approved as conforming to the design and technology and validated CLASS A armour construction. They comply with the mark which concerns only the CLASSE A works for which each TETRAPODE, ACCROPODE, ACCROPODEII, ECOPODE, CORELOC or X-bloc ® block has been inspected and recognized as being in conformity with the technology.

CLASS A shells constructed with TETRAPODE, ACCROPODE, ACCROPODE II, ECOPODE , CORELOC and X-bloc ® should be monitored every five years and after exceptional storms. To date CLASSE A carapaces built under the supervision of CLAS inspectors have not been subject to any maintenance or repair work.


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This classification and the CLAS TECHNOLOGY COMPLIANT™ trademark are protected by national laws and international conventions governing intellectual property. Consequently, any use of this classification and the CLAS TECHNOLOGY COMPLIANT ™ mark is strictly prohibited, except with the written permission of CLAS (CLAS, Prat de Baix d'Envalira, AD100, Canillo, ANDORRA). We invite you to report any use that seems suspicious to verify the authenticity. CLAS disclaims all liability for the unauthorized use of its classification and mark; such unauthorized use may be particularly perilous (error in the compliance of the work, in particular), in addition to the risk of counterfeiting and unfair competition to which unauthorized users may be exposed. © CLAS - 01 March 2017.


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