Our values

We built our ethics on competence, independence, impartiality and objectivity.

The experts we put at your disposal fulfill the following qualities:

     They speak english.
     They are not subject to any conflict of interest.
     They have certified practical experience.
     They received specific training from us.

They are specialists in the construction of breakwaters using the ACCROPODE ™, ACCROPODE ™ II, CORELOC ™, ECOPODE ™, Xbloc ® artificial blocks and, in general, all types of concrete blocks used in maritime works.
Because we are specialists in these technologies, our inspectors offer unparalleled productions but above all a solidity of the works confirmed in 100% of the projects on which they intervened.

We know how to win the challenge of exceeding companies' production targets by exceeding the quality objectives of their customers.

We have proved it on the biggest international projects.


We exist exclusively through the satisfaction of our customers for whom we are not a burden but a very profitable investment.

With more than 1,000,000 blocks laid and approved, our story is written in the sea, in concrete letters.

Our expertise is at your service.




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