Arbitrage of disputes

This service is intended for contractors and clients.

We intervene with the courts to settle disputes related to the construction of maritime works of art: dikes, ports, emissaries at sea, geo-tubes and breakwaters using rocks, cubes, tetrapodes, TETRAPODE, ACCROPODE ™, ACCROPODE ™ II, CORELOC ™ and X-bloc ®.

These missions absolutely require the following qualities:

• Skill,

• Independence,

• Impartiality,

• Pedagogy.

These qualities are a standard at CLAS and are part of the CLAS TECHNOLOGY COMPLIANT ™ trademark.

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We put these qualities at the service of your projects in order to settle disputes amicably.
We intervened to arbitrate conflicts during construction on various industrial projects from 2007 around the world and judicial expertise on many conflicts since 1992.

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Our method of conciliation is based on pedagogy. An audit of the project helps to understand the nature of the problems you are facing. We know how to explain them. We support you in the implementation of solutions.


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