This service is intended for building companies as well as organizations responsible for controlling and approving works, using ACCROPODE ™, ACCROPODE ™ II, CORELOC ™, ECOPODE ™, X-bloc® or any concrete block.

The training takes place in several stages.

Step 1 Theoretical training.

This training takes place in a room equipped with a retro projector. We have important educational material based on the image and knowledge of the rules for placing and using ACCROPODE™, ACCROPODE™II, CORELOC™, ECOPODE™ and X-bloc® blocks. Installation rule, safety and production issues are broached.

Once the basics are explained, the theoretical training continues on models.


Step 2 Practical training out of the water

During this training we explain and put into practice the slinging methods, we explain the risks involved and the procedures to avoid injury.

We train on the test slope divers, slingers, controllers and generally all personnel who will handle the ACCROPODE ™, ACCROPODE ™ II, CORELOC ™, ECOPODE ™ and X-bloc ® blocks.

We train personnel in the technical procedures and safety procedures for the construction and dismantling required for certain repairs or adjustments.


Step 3 Practical training in water


This training is not only for divers. All personnel responsible for handling the ACCROPODE ™, ACCROPODE ™ II, CORELOC ™, ECOPODE ™ and X-bloc ® blocks must be perfectly familiar with the communication between the parties involved, must know the security rules and must know the actions that take place around them.

It is primarily a question of safety, it is also a guarantee of good production. Operators of cranes and excavators are also involved in this training to fully control communication with divers.




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