Expertise and monitoring

This service is intended for building owners and insurance companies.

CLAS offers a specialized service of expertise of maritime works. You will find in our references that we intervene as an expert with the courts of law in France, but also with Project owners and industrialists all over the world.

This service is a key point that ensures the sustainability of your projects and explain the damage or pathologies they may present. Our 30-year experience in marine inspection has allowed us to establish that there are three classes of breakwaters armour, depending on the care that has been taken in the construction.

This project ACCROPODE™ presents a major disorder that may soon extend to the entire armour sea side if nothing is done.


We implement the tools that make it possible to make a quick diagnosis to establish an inspection report which will contain a precise state of the breakwater and the recommendations of maintenance and repair.


Drone inspection

Fast and effective even for the most inaccessible parts. CLAS has developed an ACCROPODE ™, ACCROPODE ™ II, CORELOC ™, ECOPODE ™, and X-bloc ® block-specific drone inspection method.


Inspection by divers.

Underwater it is the only reliable method to date, even with reduced visibility.



Acoustic camera inspections.

We tested DIDSON and ARIS acoustic cameras, which are superior to multibeam tools. However, it only highlights the significant damage. It does not allow to do a detailed preventive auscultation.


It is a tool that we recommend to highlight movements in the foot of work that would not be visible on the surface, when it is not possible to use divers or a ROV equipped with a high resolution camera.

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