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The information we will bring you is based on real experience. We are present on the construction sites full time and have a unique amount of information on all topics that concern you.

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We offer conferences and information meetings on the following topics:

- Use of onelayer carapace blocks. We provide clear and comprehensive information on the benefits of using ACCROPODE ™, ACCROPODE ™ II, ECOPODE ™, CORELOC ™, X-bloc ® and more. We tell you what the difficulties of implementing these blocks may be and what production you can expect.


  • Analysis and study of risks during construction and after construction.


We have established a classification of breakwater armours according to the care given to the construction.

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- Advantages and limitations of ECHOSCOPE ®, POSIBLOC ™ and other construction tools.


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- Inspection techniques and work approval procedures. Why do some approved projects then present major disorders?


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- Classification of breakwater armours according to the quality of construction and risk assessment.


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- Use of human resources and prevention of accidents.


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We can also prepare documentation and inform you about any other topic you may need.

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