Reference documents

CLAS inspectors apply a certification procedure based on two types of standards:

Type 1 technical documents:

The TECHNICAL INFORMATION DOCUMENT issued by Concrete Layer Innovation for the ACCROPODE™, ACCROPODE™II, CORELOC™ and ECOPODE™ contracts. CLAS has developed its reference document for TETRAPODE.

The document entitled: SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE USE OF XBLOC issued by delta Marine Consultants for X-bloc® contracts.

Type 2 the design:

The designer defines the profiles and construction plans as well as the qualities of materials that must be implemented.

It is not uncommon for there to be contradictions between the design and the requirements of Concrete Layer Innovation or Delta Marine Construction. CLAS inspectors know how to highlight contradictions and help you to find a solution.

We can also advise the designer on the practical difficulties that will arise during construction in order to anticipate them through a design consistent with the reality of an armour construction using the TETRAPODE, ACCROPODE™, ACCROPODE™II, CORELOC™, ECOPODE™ and Xbloc® blocks.


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