The accreditation

CLAS has set up its own accreditation line for its inspectors who serve the TETRAPODE, ACCROPODE™, ACCROPODEII, ECOPODE, CORELOC projects of CLI and X-bloc® of DMC, based on the code of ethics of the French justice experts then by ISO 17020-2012:

1 Competence

Our inspectors are recruited on site because of their good understanding of TETRAPODE, ACCROPODE™, ACCROPODE™II, ECOPODE™, CORELOC™ and X-bloc® technologies. They receive at CLAS training complementary to the specific inspection on these blocks and the validation procedures of the work.


        2 Independence

Our inspectors are not related to the companies involved in the projects implementing the technologies TETRAPODE, ACCROPODE™, ACCROPODE™II, ECOPODE™, CORELOC™ and X-bloc® and the tools of assistance to the pose or to the validation supposed as POSIBLOC™, ECHOSCOPE® or other of which we do the evaluation.


3 Impartiality

Our services are aimed at companies that want to offer their customers the highest level of excellence. These companies are committed to our impartiality. The lack of rigor and impartiality are causes of withdrawal of the accreditation of an inspector.


4 Confidentiality

Some of the projects we intervened on are covered by military or industrial secrecy. We do not communicate about these projects, not even for our own advertising.


3 Maintaining skills and knowledge

An inspector loses accreditation after three months of inactivity. To find an accreditation he must follow a training course accompanied by a "senior inspector" in activity. This training is given in practice at the start of a new project, by a presence on the site of the senior inspector and the inspector in training.
Senior out-of-service inspectors are required to inspect TETRAPODE, ACCROPODE ™, ACCROPODE ™ II or X-bloc® at least once every three months. These inspections are carried out as part of the collection of information that we practice on old structures and as part of classification A, B and C of breakwater armours using the TETRAPODE, ACCROPODE ™, ACCROPODE™II, ECOPODE™, CORELOC ™ and X-Bloc®.


The inspectors who benefit from it are rigorously selected, trained and supervised.

Training of CLAS inspectors in the identification of nonconformities with very low visibility on X-bloc® in a test basin.

ACCROPODE™II  , ACCROPODE  , ACCROPODE assistance pose expertise ACCROPODE certification


Accreditation is issued by CLAS as part of the establishment of a private accreditation line in accordance with ISO 17020-2012 and the code of ethics of justice experts. CLAS inspectors do not have the right to claim this accreditation outside the TETRAPODE, ACCROPODE™, ACCROPODE™II, ECOPODE™, CORELOC™ and X-BLOC® projects entrusted to CLAS.

Senior CLAS inspector returns from dive after inspection on ACCROPODE™II

ACCROPODE™II  , ACCROPODE  , ACCROPODE assistance pose expertise ACCROPODE certification


Accreditation may be withdrawn in the following cases:

1 Fraudulent use of the accreditation given by CLAS.

2 Refusal to be trained.

3 Collusion with the company or the customer.

4 Diagnostic errors that create a risk for the job.

5 Non-respect of confidentiality.

6 Negligence in the exercise of their mission.

7 Stop the inspection activity for more than three months. In this case, a rapid training with a senior inspector is put in place to update the knowledge of the TETRAPODE, ACCROPODE™ ACCROPODE™II, ECOPODE™, CORELOC™ and X-BLOC® armours inspection techniques.

CLAS inspectors are trained in the use of underwater photo and video tools, drones and associated software. They are trained in underwater and groundwater inspection and expertise.

CLAS inspectors are the link between CLI or DMC, the company that is their client and the Owner or his representative.


The presence of a CLAS inspector on a project brings confidence and serenity.


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